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Hot Stone Massage

Avantara Spa Aundh Pune

Details of Hot Stone Massage

As its name suggests, a hot stone massage involves using heated stones. Avantara Spa therapists use heated river stones or lava shells, as they are smooth and retain heat exceptionally well.

Before your massage, the therapist uses a special heater to heat the stones up to around 45-50°C. You don’t need to be worried that this is too hot, or could burn, as a professional therapist ensures the temperature is perfect and consistent. They won’t use a microwave or other means of heating the stones, as this would give uneven or inaccurate temperature.

Lots of people rave about how wonderful hot stone massage makes them feel. They report back pain being eased and reductions in anxiety and tension. It certainly seems that hot stone massage is good for you, although more research is needed as to exactly why this is. Some of the benefits of hot stone massage are unique, where as some are believed to be due to the wider benefits of massage.

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