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Chocolate Massage

Avantara Spa Aundh Pune

Details of Chocolate Massage

A unique massage designed for a particular holiday can provide a boost to any massage therapy practice; especially a chocolate-themed treatment for Valentine’s Day.

Although not out of the question, the increasingly popular chocolate massage does not involve working a sticky, chocolate syrup into the skin. This is because there is no sugar or milk used in the massage medium. Instead, a chocolate massage might be better termed massage with cacao or cocoa butter.

Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are two of the major products made from the cacoa bean. Although extracted and processed separately, cocoa butter and powder reunite to manufacture chocolate. A common ingredient in creams and moisturizers, cocoa butter:

1. appears to be off-white or light beige
2. is responsible for chocolate’s bulk and consistency
3. is composed of a combination of fats that is solid at room temperature, but liquid at human body temperature
4. is the reason that chocolate literally melts in your mouth
5. is resistant to oxidation, which helps chocolate from becoming rancid

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